Grounding my work on an autonomous research, I’m trying to rethink the medium of painting and to reflect my personal relation to it in time. In my opinion, to paint today is to draw back to the past with revise and certain nostalgia due to the hegemony of a virtual image and it's perception. Under the influence of texts by Walter Benjamin and Jean Baudrillard, I try to trace the aspect of the past tense and ‘’pastness’’ in the discipline itself, and assume that, in terms of John Berger, painting affects the perception of an image with a certain mystification. Following the thought of M. Foucault that history is being constantly re-valued just like a patient in psychotherapy revalues the facts of his or her private biography, I assume that it is being constantly obscured and mystified by subjectivity. I am interested on how mystification can be deliberately used as an artistic tactic in an age of information. Mystification is a term related to ‘hoax’, ‘illusion’, and ‘distortion’ but not a 'complete falsification’ of the truth, and therefore it's significance can be questioned subjectivelyIn recent works I mystify the Soviet heritage as an individual who was grown up in a post-soviet country after its independence and didn’t experience the actual regime. My subject-matter are objects or facts that could be viewed as awkward, paranormal, speculative or spiritually superstitious. Disinformation and the misunderstanding of visual image are aspects of an ongoing artistic research based on sources from urban mythology and historical phenomena. 

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 Exposition at Commune art space, Vilnius















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Oracle. Pronemophobia I, oil on canvas, 30x30cm








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Pyro Golod, oil on canvas, 70x100cm. (detail) 






















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Phantom practice after Nina Kulagina. Pronemophobia II, tryptic, oil on canvas. 30x40cm;30x30cm;30x40cm















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ZIS 101-aoil on canvas, 15x15cm






















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Watchtower (Druskininkai), As they Stood Misunderstood, oil on canvas, 70x100cm  













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Fountain (Parliament Square), As they Stood Misunderstood, oil on canvas, 175x125cm  
























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 Sunsets in the Empireoil on canvas, 30x90cm
















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B. R.oil on canvas.